Daddy GoGo – “Which Way I’m Gonna Fly Tonight?”

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Chapter 3: Repeat Session Released!

My mixtape is finally released! Thanks for the support!!

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Repeat Session Teaser Trailer

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Female Rapper: Beach (Review & Album )

It was only a couple days ago I caught wind of Beach through a friend. Ever
since then, my ears have been HOOKED. Now for most people when they hear ‘white
girl rapper’ they automatically ask ‘does she sound like Eminem?’ or ‘Does she
sound like Nicki Minaj’? Being that they are the two biggest names for a ‘white’
and a female rapper.

I’ll say this; don’t come at Beach that way, because
to me even if there are some similarities in her delivery and flow, Beach
manages to have her own thing and she does it pretty damn well. There’s a
difference between being inspired by and ripping off, and the inspiration is
just dripping off flow she flaunts.

I enjoyed the majority of her songs,
though the more ‘punk rock/singing’ tracks ( IE “Push”, “Forget” Ft.William
Arthur Clark) were not exactly my cup of tea, but I can respect her ability to
be versatile. I never was too much into the genre, but to each’s own. They are
good songs, though as I said, not the biggest fan of the genre.

Now, I’ve had the honor of recording with talented female artists
like Jane G33, and I’ve seen many female rappers come around and impress me…,
but Beach has this ability to make hooks and flows all gel perfect. Not only can
she make ME want to step my game up on the flow, but she makes me start singing
the hook alongside her fairly quickly on a few tracks. Her production is
envy-inspiring (From my standpoint! Lol), and she rides the beats like a Jockey
on ’em. (Listen to Rocky, you’ll get it)

Her syllable game is pretty on
point, and her tone control helps the delivery a hell of a lot. One of my
favorite tracks aside “Rocky” is “Psycho”, it is pretty well done and produced.
I just don’t understand how such a production as this isn’t getting the respect
I feel it deserves! “Get It Out” , “Bubblegum” and so many other tracks are just
so damn catchy that you wont be able to help yourself but to replay

In short, the Album “Memoirs of a Maniac” is one you definitely
should check out. It has great tracks and very few low points and even less
urges to flip to the next track. It has a variety of Hip Hop, Punk, and a bit of
metal in there especially in the production of the beats. 100% worth the
download, and it’s free!

Check it out!



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Near the 1 Year Anniversary

Arpil 16th, 2010, I started the Daddy GoGo project. Since that year, I’ve released a ton of free music, and put out two full Mixtapes on the internet who have had success (considering they were actually listened to, thats a major WIN for me!) I’ve worked with countless artists, and this year it will be no different!

This year I have some big plans. Chapter 3; Repeat Session, Red Cake, and posisbly an EP for 2011 release since I now officially have a DAY JOB! YEAH! Also I plan on making guest appearances on Major Music ENT’s D. Dot’s Mixtape, as well as Exodus’ PROtoTYPE, and hopefully the release of Novalyric’s Mixtape.

April 16th will be my 1 year anniversary…, so I will try to have something special done! New music releases, updates, and the like. Hopefully more radio shows. Speaking of which, I want to give Trafficlight a MAJOR thanks for his interview this year. I had a blast! Also, I would like to thank D.Dot for the opportunity he has given me. It will be repaid 10 fold, my friend, as to all of those who have helped me thus far.

See you soon, internet! I’ve got big plans for this year!

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First Live Interview! Download Link inside.

Last night was a highlight of my career thus far. I got a chance to get my first ever live interview! Still, I was nervous as hell and humble, and I didn’t want to come off as a motor mouth who didn’t listen to the host. It’s a long interview, about an hour or so, but really really good!

MAJOR Shouts out to Dave “Trafficlight” Hernandez at Stomp U Out Radio! You can download the interview here:

also remember you can add me at

Thank you for listening!

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Reviews, Progress, Growth, Group Therapy, whats next?

Well it’s been an interesting time in my life since we last met.

Yes, how the winds have changed. I’ve two mixtapes released in under a year, and they’ve been recieved fairly. I like the small amount of success I have with my humble start, but I still want to do more. Currently, I can’t record, but I am making plans for the future! I was inspired today by an overview I got from over at REBELRIFFS, by the great Steve Gilmore. I don’t want to spoil how he reviewed me on my own blog, so you can get the full review on me, and other acts here:

I think it was very fair and honest, which I enjoyed to the fullest.

I am making plans to start writing an EP as the details come together, as well as four future mixtape ideas. One being Red Cake, and the others possibly being related to my personalities, or a direct follow up to Group Therapy.

Red Cake will be R&B Styled, central on the theme of love, sex, romance (yes they are all different), and even broken hearts maybe. It will encompass everything Valentine’s Day is thought to involve and what is actually involved. It’s a good idea for a themed piece of work, and may contain a very limited amount of songs.

More progress, my novel has reached exactly 30,003 words! YEAH! I only need 75,000 for the bare minimum for a novel! Perfect, huh? I’m only on chapter 4, so action/adventure/fantasy fans, be ready an epic read!!

I’ve grown from Growth, and I’ve taken Group Therapy as far as I could thus far. I’m ready to move on from those. Though to me, they are still bodies of work I can study and disect. The first project was a rush-job, I admit, and many of the songs no longer appeal to me. They have no re-listen value, really. To ME, I’m not saying this is entirely the feedback I got.

Group Therapy on the other hand is full of songs I love to death, and have more of a personal meaning. Each song, each mixtape/album is a learning experience, and I t hink I know enough to get ready for a big risk in making an EP. Failure or not, I think I know what it takes to make a good song and a song with a lifespan longer than a season.

Lady Gaga has once again inspired me though, “I’m not a song, I’m not a moment, I’m a career”, I think is what she said. Correct me if I’m wrong! Though I agree entirely. I don’t want to be a hot single or a surprise moment on an award show. I want to be alive in my music. Group Therapy came very close to being album worthy to me, but there is still room to grow!

Anyways, I know I’m rambling.

A music career, and a career of entertainment is a difficult thing, and I am telling you…do not get into it unless you are serious. You have to love your music, and not let it die because someone told you that you  suck, or someone doesn’t like how you sound. It’s true that anybody can pic up a mic and rap, but not everybody can pick up a mic and tell your story. Don’t be afraid.

The world is waiting for a new story.

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Chapter 2: Group Therapy FINISHED!

The Mixtape is finally finished! Daddy GoGo has released Chapter 2: Group Therapy on Dat Piff and Reverbnation.

Full Mixtape is above, and the majority of GoGo’s body of work can be found on

It was quite an experience putting this ‘album’/mixtape together. It started out as just a song that didn’t make it on Chapter 1, and exploded into this list of tracks. The song was “Rewind” then later on “I’m a Loser” was developed as the firts true track that established Group Therapy as the next title.

I wanted to aim for a darker album but…as I went along, I started wanting to mess more with my personalities, so I used this as a means to develop my ‘characters’ I play and perform in a musical sense.

I had planned to follow up immediately with a slew of mini mixtapes, then hit the net with a Special Mixtape, then Chapter 3, which will remain an unknown title for the time being. Be on the look out though, because I have planned mixtapes for well into next year that are currently under development.

I’m in a situation right now where I don’t have as much recording access as I used to, since I’m in a temporary home until I can find more stable means. I thought of doing a tape based on that, but may end up just being a song. or a verse itself somewhere.

Anyway, I want to thank EVERYONE involved in this process. Jane Do3, D.Dot, Supa Ty, NovaLyric, Nyteshade Da Beast, 2Kings Productions, and EVERYBODY on Chapter 2. I love and appreciate everyone’s help, and I thank the blessed producers who made their work available for download.

I’m set-back for only a period of time. I’ll be back.

Til next time!

-Daddy GoGo

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New Collaberations

I’ve recently collaberated with a number of artists that I have wanted to work with for a while! The most recent is “Bring Ya Face Right Back” Produced by 2KingsProductions of Mississippi. I worked with the talented MCs NovaLyric and Nyteshade on this! Check them out!

The Link is Here:

I’ve also worked with Jane D03 — a highly talented female MC on a song called “Babel(Remix)” it’s available on my revebnation page which I will post at the bottom.

I’ve worked with a producer D.Dot of Texas, where we collaberated on a track together called “Spectacular” which he didn’t produce, but he is on it! He answered the open collab call!

I’m looking forward to collabing with more artists, and I continue to reach out! It’s very, very exciting. I feel almost famous at this point, though I know I have a long way to go. No one has ever made it on a few good songs alone. At least in the long run. I’m happy, but not happy with where I am. I want to continue to climb higher and climb with the talented individuals I surround myself with.

I feel like I’m living a dream…it’s fantastic.

My Reverbnation:

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Daddy GoGo joins Envisible ENT’s Website

Today an opportunity knocked and I answered. I got in touch with an artist on another website and wI couldn’t wait to become a part of this. It’s great promotion for the both of us, and any artist that wants to join the site!

I admit though, I was a little nervous going in. After the reviews “Rewind” got from other people (as mixed as they were), I was thinking I’d need to go back into the lab and rethink my stratagy a bit. I still may do that, but I was happy to hear Embryonic enjoyed my work.

Anyway, enough about me! Here’s the link!

Support it, and even get in on it yourself! Check out the other artists listed!


-Daddy GoGo

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